nasim nourian

Nasim discovered the healing power of yoga in 2011 while attending a workshop at the Inner Vision Yoga studio in Phoenix, Arizona. Curious to learn more about yoga, she signed up for the workshop, not at all expecting such a transformative experience. That profound experience of healing confirmed the positive energetic and physical effects of yoga which then led her to complete her 300 hr Yoga Alliance approved teacher training program. Nasim’s love for asana practice emphasizes on building strength and steadiness, while observing stillness and grace to heighten personal awareness and spiritual growth. Nasim has studied with Paulie Zink, Sarah Powers and Saul David Raye. She has also successfully completed her 500 hour Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy and is certified as Ayurvedic Lifestyle Councelor from Dr. David Frawely's American Institute of Vedic Studies. 

As an artist, Nasim’s passion is to transform a captured moment in time into an expressive painting. This transition of photographic image to painting, converts a precious moment into an authentic & unique work of art that is the closest to the subject's heart. Whether the painting is of a dancer, a child or a concerned father, the image reveals a true moment in the life of the subject. A precious moment when we don't pose for a picture, or put on a smile for the camera to cover up our fears...a moment that for the most part passes by and is either forgotten or wiped out.

These are the moments when our soul disconnects from the outside illusions to connect with the inside reality...a moment of quiet contemplation. Her intention is not to recreate the moment, but allow it to flow into an art form that is alive and expressive.

Nasim’s work includes watercolors, pastels, charcoal on paper and acrylic on canvass. In April 2014, her first exhibit was at a curated art exhibit at A.R.T. Market on Roosevelt Row, Phoenix, AZ.

Nasim’s background in marketing has provided the opportunity to combine art and marketing creating graphic and web design for businesses and non-profit organizations. She sits on the board of Action for Afghan Women (AFAW). She was involved in creating the logo and web design representing their mission to empower women of Afghanistan through culturally sensitive educational opportunities. She is also a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Instructor and currently teaches yoga privately at a local studio in Aspen. 

She also Provided personal fitness and wellness training as a Fitness Trainer to a regular clientele. She has conducted seminars and classes on appropriate fitness training for post- operation patients and wellness trainings for special needs populations as well as presentations on Ayurvedic cuisines and food preparation.