Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation


Ayurveda holds that each individual is gifted with a dominant human constitution or Dosha this is manifested as a baseline for harmonious functioning of the person.  When Doshas become out of balance due, a person may experience discomfort and disease. This consultation allows you to understand your Dosha and learn about the foods to consume for optimal health and more vitality.  

Yoga Therapy 


Yoga asanas have tremendous therapeutic effect on our physical structure, vital energy and creative intelligence. Practicing asanas consist of various static poses and physical movements to release tensions, improve flexibility, maximize the flow of energy and restore the physical body.  This session is designed for an individual to harmonize mind and body using the right movements and asanas to create balance & a healing environment within.

Group Yoga


Group Yoga is a wonderful way to experience practicing with friends and family members. This is suggested for groups of 2 or more.  The style of yoga can be determined according to the group's needs and requests. 







For Consultation or information:

Interested to learn about doshas & eating the right food for optimal health and vitality?  Please connect with me here.