“Just wanted to let you know that what you taught in class last Monday at O2 on the bondas was amazing . You set up the class up perfectly by saying that you were subbing a basic flow class and that you thought that basics should really be rephrased as fundamentals which is so true .The bondas are the very foundation of the yoga movement they are not taught a lot because even the basic concepts are so hard to teach . You were incredible with your explanation. The class moved so well it was very interesting how you incorporated the three bondas in basic movement and explained them while we practiced . Your progressions with the breath and your instructions while we were working into the bondas gave me a chance to slow things down and at times I actually felt the breath and the energy locks .... very interesting thank you.”
— R.A., Aspen, CO

“I must say your yoga classes set the standered others have never met. I miss your classes. By the end of last winter between hiking and your classes I felt the best I had in years. It has set movement of change in my life. My personal growth over the last couple years has eclipsed the last couple decades. Your instruction was part of this change. Nasim your instruction is vary[sic] dear to me. I hope to learn more from you in the future.”
— M.G. Tempe, AZ

“great practice today feeling wonderful xxxx”
— MK, Aspen, CO